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Whatever it takes

By August 18, 2011Envision

I guess that’s the theme I’ve been thinking about lately on this mission trip. Am I willing to do whatever it takes to get the Gospel out there? It might be something that’s mostly fun, like getting our whole team of 18 somewhere in a single “tap tap” by stuffing in so tightly that a few might suffer temporary loss of circulation. Or it might be trudging through the sludge, grime and sweltering stench of refuse, excrement and dead fish of the local market stalls for a 2nd and 3rd hour long after the romance of discovery has worn off.

What I choose to remember is that (as Madeline spoke of so eloquently in our team devotional tonight) this is part of being called to take up your cross daily and follow Him. When we get to play sports with kids, it’s not so bad – well, not until you start getting dehydrated. (Doesn’t it seem like our emotions are linked to our physiology more closely than we’d like to believe?) But as Ally shared in her story of commitment to Christ tonight, there isn’t a comfortable way to carry a cross.

Today we walked with God through the ups and downs, all because we had confidence in His calling. So we sang and memorized Scripture with over 200 kids, helped them understand what it meant to surrender to Christ and offered them a clear opportunity to come into a relationship with Him. Several did. Tomorrow we will continue the program and invite more of them into an eternal relationship with their heavenly Father.

We spent hours on the soccer field, and talking on the sidelines, and helping advance a project at the water station, and three hours in the open air market (amazing what 18 + friends can do!) buying supplies to feed a traditional Haitian meal of chicken, beans and rice to at least 500 hungry kids and their families. That will take place tomorrow after the conclusion of our “Romans Road” kids bible school. (With many thanks to Dean-o and the Dynamos who wrote the curriculum and offered it at Crossline Church, and invited the kids to “give TVBS” to Haitian kids, who then raised over $10,000 in one week. Kids: you are the ones who raised the money to feed the families, and sponsor this outreach and much, much more this year.)

I can’t wait to get all the media uploaded that will go along with this post!

For now, we learn to be content, be thankful for what we have, and recognize that we must do whatever it takes to pick up our cross daily and follow Jesus.

More to come…


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  • carolyn teas says:

    hahahhahahaaaa, LAUGH like we did ….because you’re having so much [redacted] FUN!!!!! Did you guys have a pool party yet?!? We did :-) THIS is the stuff GREAT MEMORIES are made of. Please have the gals take LOTS and lots of pictures! Can’t Wait to see their blog posts. I want to print out/repost and share with all of my friends who went last week. Awesome…SET THE WORLD ON FIRE…for Jesus….since you already feel like you’re burning alive, lol….

  • Danielle Jorgenson says:

    Wow. . . timely as I have been personally examining what picking up my cross daily looks like and how I fail too often at denying myself. This reminded me a bit about a story our friend Rick Carter told me of one of his trips to Africa. . . . and before he left. . . the HoM board and friends said to him-“Rick, do what requires the most faith while in Africa.” Their story of what unfolded in Africa is truly remarkable (make sure he tells you one day if you haven’t heard this story!!) and as I walk with Jesus each day, I wonder. . . . do I do what requires the most faith here in Corona, CA or do I just think Big with God when I am on the “missions’ trip? My God is POWERFUL and MIGHTY and He wants to do BIG and MIGHTY things in my life everyday. If only I would deny myself and take up my cross daily!
    I love what you said in your last blog about compassion and how seeing it with our eyes, allows us to feel it in our hearts. I once heard Bill Donahue speak and he said something that has forever stayed with me. “When you read the scriptures, it can’t help but evoke compassion.” Thank you to you and your team for LIVING out the scriptures and pouring out the compassion of Christ to the people of Haiti! I will continue to pray for you all each day! To God be the Glory!
    Danielle Jorgenson