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By March 30, 2011Envision, Headfirst

Last time we left Haiti, we had to evacuate. This time, it is a more orderly departure – on time, and according to plan. I am thrilled that it has gone so smoothly – and it hasn’t required an emergency for us to recognize God’s hand on this trip.

Still, pray with us for Haiti – the preliminary election results from the presidential run-off are due to be released tomorrow, and they may again (like December’s 20+ candidates general election) spur mayhem in the streets and closure of the airport and other industry.

We are departing from what has been one of the most profitable fact-finding missions in my career. I honestly feel that we will be able to bring back the report we’ve been praying for: faith-filled, God-honoring, grace-sized view of the land… and more.

It took 40 years for the Israelites to obey God and enter the land He promised would be theirs everlasting.
Perhaps we are no Joshua and Caleb, but I pray we will be faithful and full of faith as we lead an army back here. I hope you will be among His troops (physically, spiritually, financially or however He calls,) and that we won’t need to waste time in the wilderness figuring out who the Commander is.

Part of my calling is to be a herald of the Gospel. Will you respond to His glory and majesty in bringing His light to the nations?

We will be back soon, to pray and to plan, and to blow the trumpet and assemble teams to go and bring the Gospel to those who’ve never heard!

So for now, we have reached our extraction point. But we are leaving markers in the field for our return….


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