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By July 28, 2010October 27th, 2010Envision, Personal
Jason Berken pitching

Throwing well: RHP Jason Berken prior to his call-up (courtesy Green Bay Press-Gazette)

I love playing catch.  There’s something so simple and so peaceful about it.  Playing with a good friend or with one of my kids.  Unlike pitching in the Majors, it doesn’t take a lot of talent either – once you release the ball, it flies on a clear path to its target.  A good throw follows a natural trajectory to its destination.  A bad throw also follows a predictable route.  Our minds naturally understand and follow the flight of the ball, accounting for the force with which it is thrown, any blowing breeze and the gravitational pull of the earth.  Our eyes trace it, our legs speed us along – we track it down, ideally until it lands firmly in the outstretched web of the leather mitt.

I also like that so few natural processes can cause the ball to change course.  That’s why making a good throw is so important.  So when we head up to the park to play catch, we start with a few arm-circles and get warmed up.  Tossing lightly from short distances at first, getting the blood flowing, the limbs ready, hand-eye coordination synchronized, increasing our accuracy and preparing for longer and longer throws.

Life tends to follow this rule of natural trajectories as well – apart from God’s supernatural intervention, we reap what we sow.  No one should be surprised after wasting years of life chasing insignificant pursuits or remaining detached from significant relationships that their end destination is nothing like their original hope for the future.  In life too, making a “good throw” is so important.

My son and I had the privilege of participating in youth baseball clinics as part of our recent outreach in the Dominican Republic last week (watch a 90 sec highlight video.)  One of the great things about doing this together was the opportunity to practice “throwing well” together – not just on the field, but living a life for Christ.  My hope for my children is that they grow up following Christ and living headfirst.  Of all the discipleship opportunities I have had and will have in my lifetime, none are more significant than my own kids.  If I don’t model, practice, teach and walk a life demonstrating a true trajectory following God, they will know it before anyone.

If you aren’t living the trajectory for Christ that you want to, there’s good news: Jesus Christ can intervene supernaturally and will change your life if you will invite Him.  I pray you and I both choose Him and live our days wisely.


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  • Jim Johnson says:

    Playing catch is the best. But learning how to throw well requires us to be willing to learn from those that know how. Just like what we must do with the Lord when He is trying to teach us.