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Defined by Faith

By February 12, 2010October 27th, 2010Headfirst

Learning to live headfirst is harder for some than others.  I’d assess myself in the bottom 20th percentile of “naturally living headfirst.”  I frequently remind myself, as greatly needed, that a thousand lies of the accuser come rushing at me every day.  I purposefully read Scripture and recall it throughout the day, because (as my friend JP says) the truest thing about me is what God says is true.

If it comes down to living as a strategist or living out my faith, I want to live by faith.  Planning, strategy, sequencing – these are all beneficial to the Christian life, and I’m grateful, because they are part of my strong suit.  But none of them help me live by faith; sometimes they offer excuses for me to not rely on Christ.

Let me illustrate how this played out over the last two weeks…

  1. The opportunity to help the Church in Haiti was clear to me in objective, subjective, tangible, spiritual ways – and the door was open.
  2. The enemy began accusing me: “you’re unqualified and insignificant – what difference could you possibly make?”  These lies were defeated by truths of Scripture, my freedom in Christ, and the Holy Spirit’s confirming call for me to go to Haiti.
  3. Having been halted in a frontal attack, the enemy took a more subtle approach to flank me and lure me away: “first you must figure it all out – take some time, don’t rush in.  Examine your reasons, your motives for going.  You don’t have a clear assessment yet – there are some very good reasons not to get involved.”  Figuring it all out would have been logical.  Finding a good reason not to go would’ve been easy.  But while potentially legitimate, neither of these passive responses characterize how I want to live: headfirst.

I want to be defined by my faith in Christ, not my inaction.  I can’t listen to the enemy’s lies about what I can’t do.  Look, of course you need to know who truly are and what you legitimately have to offer.  Not run blindly forward without the truth.  This is not an argument against logic, where mind and spirit are set up in a false dichotomy.  In my life, this week and every other, I cannot allow the enemy to define the battle.

The truth is that I’m an excellent wartime field general and have an enormous amount to offer, including:

So, I chose to follow Christ and live headfirst.  I went to Haiti.  God used me there to build the Kingdom.  I give Him glory, as He deserves, for bringing light into darkness.  Lord, thank You for helping me choose a life defined by faith.