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An Invitation

By January 30, 2010October 27th, 2010Headfirst, Involve

This is an invitation to be a part of the Body of Christ at work in Haiti.  We are collaborating to work as one – hopefully networking as many churches and ministries in the U.S. and the world as we can to support indigenous ministries in Haiti, and building on a long-term plan that incorporates the physical, spiritual, economic and social needs of the people.

Right now a core group from Southern California churches and ministries are working together and making as many connections here and in-country as possible.  Leaders in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are coordinating an effort that will establish lasting engagement from followers of Christ.  I will be joining a team on the ground in-country next week.  This is not a “service team” per se, though we will deliver aid & supplies.  Service and outreach teams will be needed in the near future, but right now we are only sending crisis response teams, such as medical teams, and a handful of ministry leaders.

Please recognize that by the time you read this, many things will have changed.  We are working in a highly fluid period of crisis and transition with a goal of moving from urgent relief towards long-term recovery.

I will highlight one current opportunity before us  – one of many…

Shipping containers – the kind that travel by ship, rail and truck – are being donated to the relief effort ( – at last count 1000.)  Many more that are not designated for donation will be abandoned in Haiti because they are sent full of supplies and have no exports to return.  These containers can be transformed into homes, community bathrooms, schools, clinics, churches,  as well as ministry and community centers.  We are presenting recommendations for planned communities to ministry and government leaders.  By designing planned communities, the church can be the ministry center of every neighborhood.  Alongside these plans are those for clean water and sanitation, food security, education, land for farming, microfinance, etc.  Retrofitting the containers and the related community opportunities will give the international church the points of entry for engagement and will also create a wealth of new local jobs to strengthen the economy and will be a significant way for Haitians to help themselves and take ownership of their communities.  This summary will be greatly expanded but is kept brief here as both an illustration, and in recognition that we must be flexible in our estimations and planning in this dynamic situation.

If you have an interest in helping plan or invest in the long-term recovery, in the global Church’s engagement with Haiti, in sending short-term service teams in the future, and anything in between, I welcome the opportunity to expand our collaboration to include you.  I am not the leader of this movement, just one of many conduits that God is using.  Let us join Him in His work.