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Pictures of Change

We had a few minutes to put together this video clip from the Transformational Leadership trainings in Haiti and the Dominican Republic the past two weeks.  It’s chronological, and it should be pretty obvious when we leave Haiti and get to the DR.  I’ve chosen to include the good and the bad, because it helps to laugh (like when our friend “KK” got locked in the bathroom).  Some of the pictures we took show empty chairs – trust me, they were all full: it wasn’t always possible to get pictures during teaching times.  Especially in Santo Domingo during the Spirit-led times of surrender and reconciliation.  Over 100 Haitian pastors and over 100 Dominican pastors & leaders took part in the institutes and we all experienced the presence and power of God…

Enjoy!  (And turn up the resolution to 720p if your internet connection supports it.)

  1. Elizabeth Ridgely
    Oct, 11, 2010

    Wow! You go guys! How powerful is this. We are all so proud of the men of Crossline. (And I think I saw Liz King in there too.) Thank you for the wonderful work you do in spreading the Gospel. JP, now I see what you meant by, “you have the whole world out there”.
    With a grateful heart,

    • Dave
      Oct, 11, 2010

      It’s her daughter, Jacquelin… they look alike, don’t they?

  2. Zach Hart
    Oct, 12, 2010

    Great Video! Thanks for sharing!