To bring the Gospel to those who've never heard

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    Wake Up Call

    If you learned you only had weeks to live, would you change the way you’ve been living? Dramatic life changes prompt questions like this, and most people would answer in the affirmative: “Yes, I’ve got a lot to change.”  Change is painful and difficult, so …

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  • Dandelion Road

    Finding Jesus in the Chaos

    You may have seen the jokes posted with the tag #FirstWorldProblems.  They ridicule the frustrations of our lives in contrast to the life struggles of the 3rd World.  Some are mean-spirited, but many raise awareness that sometimes our “big problems” are insignificant when held up …

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  • Update from Haiti

    Having returned from Port au Prince on Saturday night, I wanted to get this update online to share about the wonderful progress through The Chanje Movement, our spiritual and humanitarian outreach in Haiti.  Inside the letter you’ll find details of how funds were raised through …

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    Build Your Kingdom Here

    Our November 2013 mission team of 16 men preached the Gospel in the prisons and in the public squares, reaching hundreds with the Gospel for the first time. Many adults and children children received Christ during our ministry outreach. In addition, hundreds of meals were …

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    What Love Can Do

    Having recently met worship leader Aaron Blanton at Crossline Church, and having heard him perform the song he wrote What Love Can Do as an acoustic piece, it was a joy to discover that our Creative Director, Jacob Hart, asked him for and received permission …

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    At a Loss

    This is really complicated.  How can I explain what’s going through my mind when my heart is beating so hard that I can’t hear myself think? What kind of anguish is going on in a person’s life that they can entrust their young child to …

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  • Lily

    A Bright Light

    I know a woman who heard Jesus say, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  She went to be with Jesus this weekend, in timing that seems …

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    It’s a cold, rainy morning in Jerusalem. The cobblestones are wet, making each step slick and treacherous, as we weave our way through the alleys of the Old City. From Jaffa Gate toward the Western Wall, we pass through the Armenian Quarter into the Jewish …

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    Just a Day

    In the last 24 hours, we: It’s been a good day.

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  • Old Crosses

    It’s the Eternity, Christian!

    While I typically attempt to express myself in a manner that my words would be applicable in any season, I’ve written these thoughts in the wake of the re-election of Barack Obama to a second term as president. And so I have felt free to …

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