Dave and Anne, thank you for your ministry.  Your efforts to recruit and coach student leaders to serve overseas on university campuses are having a profound effect.  New campus ministries are being opened and students are being reached for Christ, discipled in their faith, and sent out to reach students on other campuses.

Steve Sellers, Vice President of the Americas, Campus Crusade for Christ
The Desert Rivers initiative which Dave and Anne have spearheaded over the past several years has been a direct answer to years of prayer. Their efforts resulted in the first ever team of STINTers to serve on one of our university campuses.  I am personally grateful for Dave's untiring diligence, unwavering faith and personal friendship as he seeks to help us in reaching our country for the Messiah.

Phil, National Director in the Middle East
Dave and Anne are people we value highly in our movement here in the UK, as I know is true in many other parts of the world. I wanted to write personally and say that your support, prayers and financial partnership with them is valued, appreciated and well invested.

Andy Atkins, National Director, United Kingdom
avatarI’ve known Dave for over 20 years, having first met him when he was a student at UC Santa Barbara.  Dave is a godly man with a heart-felt vision for reaching the world for Christ.  His passion is to see lay people from the local church mobilized to participate in cross-cultural missions.  Working with local churches and other missions organizations, The Global Mission will seek to recruit, empower and send laborers into the harvest.  It has been a privilege as a congregation to be a part of Dave & Anne’s ministry and to see how God is using them to raise up laborers for the Great Commission.  It is with great enthusiasm that as his senior pastor I endorse him.  I fully support Dave and the ministry of The Global Mission.  I hope you will as well!

JP Jones, Senior Pastor of Crossline Community Church
Crossline Church
avatarDave, thank you for everything that you did to help with the mission. Our team would have been lost without you, like I was without the Lord. You're a great inspiration and definitely a model in my walk in believing that the Lord will provide us with what we need when we need it. I look forward to continuing to serve the Lord and hopefully it will be along side of you.

Jorge (first time on a mission trip)
avatar“It is so mind blowing to me that I did not go to a country in Europe for my first out of the country trip - God had other plans for me instead; for a week I was in Haiti ... being the hands and feet of Jesus....  He brought us to Haiti to reveal to us that through language barriers and the distance between us, that we still worship Him.  He reminded us that He is always in control and how urgent it is to share the Gospel those who need it. Most importantly He showed us His almighty power, and I have never seen God more than I have in that one week in Haiti.”

Hanna (first time out of the country)